Apple to repair your iPhone…

Apple recently introduced a new self-repair program for smartphones and other devices, but this program is far from perfect.

Apple recently launched a DIY Repair Program, which allows iPhone users to repair their device by renting a repair kit from Apple. If you thought that this set would consist of a few screwdrivers, pliers, brushes, and magnifiers, you would be very wrong.

When Sean Hollister, Editor at The Verge, recently decided to repair his iPhone Mini, Apple sent him a set of tools in two 36kg bags (see below) to fix the little device! To be clear, Apple lists the content and weight of the kit on the website you’re renting it from.

Photo: The Verge / Android Authority

For starters, the company charges $1,200 from your credit card for a wide variety of gadgets. It also charges $49 for a week’s tool rental and $69 for a new battery (replaced with the editor). The thing is, Apple charges exactly the same $69 to replace the battery at their own stores, except that all repairs there are done by an expert.

So if you rent the $49 Apple Toolkit and don’t use your own, which is also an option, read through the ins and outs and see what tools you get.

However, if you’re passionate about DIY fixes, Apple has your back. The kit I’m sending contains all kinds of things you would need to assemble an iPhone, including a robust industrial grade thermal terminal and a massive spring press.

The problem, however, was that the process of replacing the battery itself was challenging. If you have no experience repairing phones, you may find yourself in the middle of the road and there is a high probability that something will go wrong.

Apple has sent out a repair manual with its huge set of tools, but you will definitely still run into some problems if you are not an expert in this field. The manual will also not help if the heating machine throws an error code.

However, the most frustrating part of the repair process as per the instructions is definitely that the iPhone will not recognize the original battery provided by Apple. You will definitely see an “unknown part” warning on the screen, and after the repair, you should contact the third-party logistics company Apple to make sure that the replaced part is original. This is a completely different process that requires you to run the diagnosis on your iPhone while giving your company remote control of your device.

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