Huawei Watch GT3 Pro: elegant, …

If you love the Huawei Watch GT 3, but would like it to have a design that more closely resembles a stylish and high-end watch, then the WATCH GT 3 Pro is the model for you. The program runs on Harmony OS and is available in two sizes. The larger 46mm has a titanium casing, and the smaller 43mm has nano-ceramic. At first you can choose between metal or rubber straps, and in ceramic you can choose between leather or ceramic.

Leap in history

Huawei has found an example of the Huawei Watch GT smartwatch in the automotive industry. The GT or “Grand Tourer” designation refers to high-performance sports cars with outstanding dynamics and exceptional durability. All this was also the inspiration for the engineers in creating the Watch GT series watches.

Since 2018, Huawei has introduced a number of GT smartwatches, Huawei Watch GT, GT 2, GT 2e and GT 2 Pro. With each new generation, they pushed the boundaries forward, modernizing the design and incorporating more durable materials such as sapphire crystal, stainless steel and ceramic. The ability to monitor activity and health each time has also been upgraded, but this has not affected the autonomy of the battery.

shape and design

At first glance, the smaller model made entirely of ceramic cannot ignore the fact that the white masterpiece is reminiscent of the iconic Chanelka watch. As mentioned earlier, the Huawei GT 3 Pro is available in 46mm and 43mm sizes, just like the GT 3, with the 46mm version of the case wrapped in lightweight titanium, while the smaller 43mm Pro version is housed in a stainless-steel ceramic body Solid gold. Both models offer a sapphire crystal display that provides additional protection.

The smaller version is more impressive and we haven’t really seen a similar smartwatch yet, but it’s suitable for those with slightly sleeker wrists. For the straps, you can choose leather, metal, or fluoro rubber, which gives the watch a slightly more sporty look.


As far as the display is concerned, Huawei hasn’t deviated from the resolution and size we are accustomed to in the GT 3 watches. This seems to be one of the best smartwatch screens Huawei has offered, with the experience once again becoming convincing on both models.

Huawei has kept the physical button and the tactile crown of the watch, which it introduced on the Huawei Watch 3, which is certainly welcome. However, the significant design change is that Huawei decided to increase the water resistance rating and made both Pro models suitable for free diving up to 30 metres. So if you want to dive in, this is the watch to use to do so.

Various features of the smart watch

It’s no surprise that the Watch GT 3 Pro doesn’t deviate much from the GT 3. It runs on Harmony OS, which brings a breakthrough in user interface and features like the built-in app store. It offers over 100 sport modes and support for the dual-band GNSS satellite system available on the GT Runner to improve tracking accuracy outdoors.

There’s heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, menstrual cycle monitoring, and activity functions like the Huawei Living Health Clover, which reminds you to drink more water, for example.

Golfers will be delighted with a library of over 300 courses to help track the game, as well as real-time GPS range measurements, wind speed measurements, and on-the-go insights. In freediving mode, special screens are available to display ascent information, speed and duration, along with safety alerts while diving.

On the smartwatch screen, you can view notifications, download apps, pay via NFC, manage music, receive calls via Bluetooth, and use the watch as a remote control for the camera on your smartphone.

Interestingly, the watch will support ECG measurement, which is already available in the Chinese version of the GT 3 Pro. This feature allows 30-second measurements to help monitor atrial fibrillation and arterial stiffness. Although the job hasn’t been approved in Europe yet, Huawei is said to intend to get that approval later this year.

Huawei is also committed to the same level of battery life with the new model. So if you opt for the larger version, it gives you 14 days of battery life, and with the 43mm version, that period is 7 days. Faster charging support is also welcome, which provides 25% charge after just 10 minutes of charging and reaches 100% charge in 85 minutes.

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