Pamper yourself at the highest level at affordable prices…

The Triangle Bore HiFi Speakers have been completely redesigned and represent an affordable range of speakers without compromise.

The quality of this popular brand of music lovers is reflected in both the acoustics and the stylistic sophistication of their products. HiFi amplifiers have been their passion since 1980 and today French brand Triangle is one of the most popular audio brands.

They are famous for being suppliers of prestigious HiFi equipment and amplifiers, the price of which exceeds 60,000 euros. Fear not, we mention the roof just to stress no joke with their products. With the new Borea range, audio experts reached out to middle-class customers while maintaining sound and material quality.

The philosophy of the Borea triangle

Triangle borea are “Affordable HiFi Speakers Without Compromise.” The Borea range delivers clean sounds and a very accurate full mid-range with precise bass and bass. A sound that pampers your ears and you will hear almost every note in it. The headphones are available in several colors: white, black, light oak and walnut for a timeless and elegant look. But there is another aspect that will surely delight customers with the desire for discreet acoustics: the possibility of placement close to the wall due to the bass holes in the front of the sound cabinets.

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