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Aside from the fact that the pandemic has brought the global community to its knees, it has also brought about more than necessary business changes.

Hybrid and agile work environments have been a hot topic in business meetings many times, but for all their advantages, in most cases they haven’t gained much enthusiasm. Implementation was (very) slow, and the staff was in great demand. However, in early 2020, the business world regretted its earlier decisions and rushed to move to remote work. A great desire for a workforce came true, but many weren’t aware of the pitfalls that arise in home offices. Work environment is one of them. In the corporate office, I was accustomed to an inseparable duo: adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs.

Even the technology itself is usually better in the office than at home. It is quite understandable, the computer and software are carefully selected by IT experts, who at the same time take care of their carefree work in the background. Many employees in the home office did not need a powerful computer yet. Even those with a powerful computer at home were forced to share it with a partner or child who was learning remotely. The technological deficiency was noticeable. Fortunately, most companies took responsibility and provided their employees with appropriate computers, which some had to wait for several months due to the global deficit.

However, comfortable furniture is a completely different problem. Even before the pandemic, many companies were reluctant to buy an ergonomic office chair or height-adjustable desks, even though several studies point to the harmful effects of sedentary work. If home office technology equipment is taken care of by companies, employees are often left to their own devices when buying convenient accessories.

This in turn leads to a host of problems.

How do you work at home? Behind the kitchen table, lying on the bed?

In the beginning of your remote work, did you rush to convert part of the bedroom into a temporary home office? Don’t have space for an extra desk and office chair? Did you simply stand behind the kitchen table, turn on the computer, and get to work?

You are at the beginning again. At the company, the adjustable desk and ergonomic office chair were slowly removing the long-term health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. By sitting in the kitchen chair or on the sofa, you have spoiled all progress. Furniture in the house is not suitable for work.

The kitchen table does not adapt to your height and usually does not have enough work surface for the entire technological set you need to work (computer, mouse, keyboard, monitor (). Since this is just a temporary work desk, you will need to tidy up every day and then re-equip the work desk. Even a kitchen chair or armchair that gives you comfort while watching a movie or series is not suitable for working from home.The kitchen chair is suitable for sitting for short periods, and sitting for 8 hours in an improperly designed chair can be a real ordeal.Just think about when friends come to visit. Conversation for an hour or two in a kitchen chair can be very uncomfortable.The kitchen chair is firm, inflexible, and without support for the spine and lumbar region.

Working on the couch or bed may seem great at first, but it only deepens your sitting crunch.

Working from home is a new reality for many people, so investing in comfortable office equipment makes sense.

ProSIGMA - Comfortable - Furniture - Desk - Chair - Adjustable Tables

Height adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs

Adjustable tables are one of the most popular ergonomic accessories. We separate them into electronically adjustable tables and manually adjustable tables. Electronically adjustable tables are usually more expensive, but also more convenient. Instead of manually changing the table height (by loosening screws or otherwise), you can do it with the click of a button. When you want to extend your legs and loosen the shoulder girdle and spine, just raise the table to the desired height. In a very short time, you will feel a difference in well-being, and the pain will be reduced or completely gone. If you don’t have the space for an adjustable desk within your budget and your home itself, there are some alternatives, such as a laptop stand or desktop converter that you can easily move around the rooms.

The NOMAD electric desk with the built-in ergonomic panel for working in a standing position is a good candidate, and with an additional discount for our readers it becomes an excellent candidate. Uses Code RACN05 Get an extra 15% off and a price drop 380,58 the most common .

The NOMAD electric adjustable table features a modern design in a black and white combination. The steel frame is black powder coated and proven to be long lasting stability and mechanical strength. Non-slip rugs relieve back, legs and feet pain. It is made of soft and flexible vinyl.

The advantage of the lift table is that the user can decide for himself whether to work standing or sitting. If you prefer to spend part of your work day sitting, you need to ensure that it does not affect your health and well-being. The ergonomic office chair will protect you from muscle stiffness and joint pain. A good office chair promotes proper posture, adapts to the user’s needs, and has an adjustable seat and backrest, which can provide all-day support for the spine and lumbar area.

We also got an extra discount for our readers on the office chair. Uses Code RACN05 15% discount on FARNHAM office chair. Original price: 153.72 euros. Computer news readers price: 130.66 €

The FARNHAM office chair has armrests, a mesh backrest and an adjustable seat height. Due to its compact design, it will take up very little space and is an ideal accessory for home offices that are short on space.

ProSIGMA - Ergonomic - Furniture - Desk - Chair - Adjustable - Tables -1

What else do you need for a perfect home office?

There is not much storage space at all. If you manage a large amount of physical documents, you will need a cupboard, drawer, additional (smaller) shelf, or similar office equipment. If you can’t get all the devices and documents on the adjustable table, you can consider another smaller desk for storing documents, which will also serve as a home for a printer or similar devices.

Also, do not forget about the lighting. Poor lighting is a common cause of headaches and tired eyes. Make sure you have an adequate level of lighting on your computer screen and that it is not directly exposed to strong daylight, as this will only put more strain on your eyes. If you have placed an adjustable desk and office chair very far from home, do not forget to install a high-quality lamp.

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