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Digitization permeates all areas, both commercial and private. With the increased focus on digital tools and processes, the importance of digital literacy in all age groups is also increasing.

It is no secret that digitization and automation are the main drivers of economic growth and Industry 4.0. Experts predict that companies will increase their investments in digitization and all its accompanying tools in the future. What does this mean for the current and future workforce?

Jobs change with each other as technology evolves. Some professions are starting to fade, emerging from their ashes with three new jobs that require new digital skills. It is the responsibility of the workforce to adapt to new market conditions, and it is important that future generations start acquiring appropriate business and digital skills early. The phenomenon we describe is called digital literacy, which the European Union and Slovenia are paying increasing attention to.

For this purpose, the National Assembly of Slovenia has adopted a new law on the promotion of digital inclusion, which aims to provide at least 80% of adults with basic digital competencies. The law will bring a number of changes, including offering subsidized digital skills training courses and €150 digital vouchers for computer equipment purchases.

Primary school students of the last trinity, high school and university students will be among the first recipients of digital coupons to purchase computers. People over 55 years of age will also be eligible for the digital voucher, but will have to attend a course on supported digital skills. The first digital vouchers of €150 will be available from 15 June and, to the satisfaction of the beneficiaries, digital vouchers within the family will also be compatible.

What can you buy with a digital voucher?

Are you an elementary school student, high school student, or student? Then we have good news for you, because you are eligible for digital vouchers with which you will be able to buy new, used or refurbished computers, including laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors, webcams and other computers.

You’ll finally be able to replace your old laptop gasping at every turn. You will no longer have to worry about overheating every time you try to launch your favorite game or most used display program. You can finally say goodbye to fan noise and a slow hard drive.

Perhaps you are over 55 years old and have been thinking for a while about updating and updating your knowledge of computers and information technology? If you attend selected supported digital skills courses, you are also eligible for the new digital voucher.

150 euros is a significant subsidy that can significantly reduce the cost of buying new computers. But you are definitely interested in where you can get the most out of your cash or in this case a digital coupon. In the coming weeks and months, sellers will do their best to attract digital coupon recipients with additional benefits. Before you buy, do some research, find out what you need and where you can get it at the best price.

If you are a fan of Apple devices or are considering entering its ecosystem, we have good news for you. Apple or its authorized dealer iSTYLE is an interesting offer, which should pay more attention.

Total €300 discount for MacBook Air?

The show sounds too good to be true, but we can tell you for sure that it’s not an April Fools’ joke.

If you redeem the digital coupon 22 in the iSTYLE (online) store, their sellers will be happy with an additional discount on selected products.

The 13-inch MacBook Air will be available in space gray for €899 (a €150 digital coupon and €150 off iSTYLE). MacBook Air is equipped with Apple’s new M1 chip, a single 8GB of memory, 256GB of fast SSDs, and a Retina touchscreen with True Tone technology. MacBook air is the perfect companion for anyone who needs a computer on their learning journey that won’t let you down before an important test or during a presentation in a room full of your peers.

The same applies to the 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro, which you can get for 1499 euros. If you need more capacity when learning or training at an IT company in Slovenia, the MacBook Pro is definitely worth your investment.

You can also use the digital coupon 22 to buy a device of a smaller format, ie an iPad tablet (9th generation) with an internal storage of 64 GB, which you can get for 199 euros.

The special price is only valid in the pre-order stage until June 14, 2022!

AirPods for only 5 euros?

AirPods Wireless headphones don’t need a special presentation because they are one of the most popular audio solutions on the market. It boasts superior sound quality and the smart features of the Apple H1 chip, which uses optical sensors to automatically detect whether headphones are in use and automatically and evenly distributes sound to one or both headphones.

The regular price with the iSTYLE discount is €155, but if you redeem the digital coupon 22, you can get AirPods for the price of two or three coffees in Ljubljana or €5.

The special price is only valid in the pre-order stage until June 14, 2022!

You can also redeem your brother or sister’s digital voucher

Have you just bought a new Mac or iPad and are worried that you won’t be able to take advantage of the digital coupon? Fortunately, the digital receipt for the year 22 can be transferred within the family. Give your digital voucher to your brother or sister and brighten his day with an extra €150 to buy an Apple device. It seems like a good opportunity for your brother or sister to owe you a great favor.

Why choose iSTYLE…

…and not any of the other Apple vendors? What is important when choosing a seller? Trust, good product range, competitive pricing, customer support before and after purchase, affordable physical stores and more. iSTYLE is your premium Apple distributor, where you have a full range of Apple products at the most competitive prices. All products are available in their online store or in a physical store. In Ljubljana alone, they have two stores and an Apple Authorized Service Provider service location. It also differs from other sellers in terms of support services (iSTYLE Assistance, old to new, benefits for students…) and the expertise of their staff, who will stand by you in case of any inconvenience after purchase.

Since digital coupons are the focal point of today’s article, it is important to note that you can redeem them online and at a physical outlet. But beware! The special offer is only valid for pre-order phase until June 14, 2022. Be among the first to take advantage of the new ’22 digital coupons for the Apple computer you’ve always wanted.

How do you use the digital voucher?

Fill out the form on the iSTYLE.si website and select the product for which you wish to redeem a digital voucher. iSTYLE will book you instantly at a promotional rate. To confirm your pre-order, you will need your tax number, EMŠO and a completed digital voucher redemption statement.

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