Intel ready to launch…

As it turns out, Intel is ready to start selling its own standalone graphics cards for personal computers. Recently a button called “Intel Arc A3 for Desktop” appeared on the computer giant’s website. Although Intel immediately removed the button, it was not hidden from the watchful eyes of experts. They are already confident that new Intel graphics cards will be available before the summer.

Intel is expected to offer three solutions within the Arc A3 desktop graphics family, the A380, A370M, and A350M. The A380 graphics card will be the most powerful among all the newcomers. It will be equipped with an ACM-G11 graphics core and will have 8 Xe-Core cores available for data conversion. The data bus between the graphics core and the graphics memory will be limited to 96 bits.

Despite the subject matter, Intel graphics cards of the Arc A3 family will be able to handle the most demanding tasks. These will be able to run PC games in Full HD and on central settings at an average speed of 60 frames per second. The A380 can be compared to the GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card in terms of performance, and its retail price will be set at 142 euros. More information is expected soon.

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