Realisto will offer payments in cryptocurrency to allow…

Mallorcan has already managed over 1 million payments for SMEs from multiple countries

Realisto is a complex payment processor; Those in which the seller and buyer belong to financial systems that do not have common touch points. For example, small and medium-sized businesses from India, Pakistan, Belize or Nicaragua often have serious problems delivering online sales products to buyers in the European Union.

Payment methods in two countries are incompatible with each other when their banks and companies are not authorized to do so, due to the lack of regulatory and technological integration. But even when this is the case, it is not enough, because it is necessary to set up a company in the European Union to be able to sell in the region. In such cases, Realisto’s expertise focuses on helping foreign companies.

On the contrary, when it comes to companies in the European Union that need to charge for products or services from customers in countries that are too far away for us, Realisto applies its already extensive experience to allow the transaction to take place with minimal friction.

“There are those who believe that we are replacing banks, although we are also working with them to adjust transaction flows and regulatory compliance as much as possible” – says Bocholls – as part of making SMEs have a presence in the local and global markets.

In this sense, Pocalles envisions Realisto as a technology company, rather than a fintech company, because of the wide range of technologies, processes, and activities it puts into practice so that its customers can achieve commercial success. From setting up companies in the EU to getting paid, through currency conversion, regulatory compliance, technical currency analysis, financial reporting by country and even customized IT developments.

“We have also developed our own in-house payment gateway, with which we can distribute transaction traffic between multiple merchants from a single platform,” Pocalles continues. “Not only does this allow them to monitor their activity on one dashboard, but it also helps them diversify their risks.”

Realisto is in the process of expanding by licensing a VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) in Estonia to allow small and medium-sized businesses to collect cryptocurrency transactions. they financing round in Adventures will allow you to meet the requirements for it and will also be encoded by city ​​of icons. “I call this opportunity an anti-inflation opportunity,” Bocalis says, “The terms of the operation are very safe for the investor. It provides a powerful way to protect capital from inflation or lack of diversification. I invite readers to contact me to find out more.”

Pocalles, an engineer by training, started 20 years ago launching e-commerce projects and since then has not stopped developing in multiple technical and commercial aspects. Today, in addition to its headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, Realisto has offices in Dubai and the United Kingdom. It also provides assistance in Spanish, English, French and Hindi.

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