What are the marginal challenges?

• More than 1,000 global IT experts and business owners have identified what was the main driver of the introduction of edge computing, what challenges they faced and the solutions they came up with.
• Edge computing is a major driver of the transition to digital operations
Flexible, secure and sustainable resources, remote software, digital service solutions, and trusted partners are key to overcoming challenges and succeeding” on the edge.

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, presented the results published in its latest white paper Success in connected digital operations first, which emphasizes the importance of advanced computing for the digital world. The white paper details responses from more than 1,000 IT and operational experts from industry, health, education and other fields, as well as a series of in-depth interviews with industry firms. Participants are representatives of companies from the United States, China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, India and Ireland, which employ between 100 and more than 1,000 employees. Their responses provided insight into the factors driving large investments, the challenges they faced in implementing edge computing, barriers to further investment, and strategic recommendations for preparing edge computing for the future.

“In their efforts to provide customers with new or improved experiences that become more operationally efficient, sustainable and secure, organizations are increasingly dependent on digital technologies. This white paper examines the key role that edge computing, as well as the implementation of cutting edge infrastructure, is in enabling high-quality operations. The “digital first” connection. said Chris Hanley, Senior Vice President, Global Channels and Commercial Operations at Schneider Electric. Emphasis is placed on strategies that IT professionals and decision makers can adopt to help support edge computing in the sustainable Operations – everything we need in the future. ”

Edge computing is one of the main drivers of the digital model. In fact, the most common uses of terminal infrastructure include cybersecurity systems for monitoring the local operating network and storing and processing operational data for transmission to the cloud. Additionally, when asked why they invested in edge computing, 50% of respondents said cybersecurity has improved and 44% said system resilience and reliability have improved. However, there are many challenges that organizations need to overcome to ensure that their sophisticated infrastructure – as well as related processes – are resilient and reliable.

Despite the opportunities offered by edge computing, many organizations are showing interest when it comes to connectivity and blackouts. To overcome security challenges, possess the necessary skills and reliability, organizations will need to provide:

• Sustainable, safe and sustainable energy sources and connectivity,

• Remote monitoring and management of the entire border infrastructure

• Trusted partners who can provide the necessary knowledge.

Flexible ‘marginal’ resources are the basis for moving to digital related processes first, said Jennifer Cook, director of peripheral research and strategies at IDC. Organizations will become vulnerable if and when their technology fails. To prepare for the future “on the edge,” leaders need to develop a strategy to address cybersecurity and connectivity issues and provide access to the skills needed to maintain resilient border infrastructure. “

As a trusted partner and total solution provider, Schneider Electric works closely with customers to develop their supply strategies. resistance, Safety and sustainability At all stages – from planning and implementation to managing border infrastructure through:

• Resilient, secure, connected and sustainable physical infrastructure solutions for each frontier environment;

EcoStruxure IT Platforms Cloud monitoring and managementwhich provides remote (remote sites) visibility with data-driven security insights and recommendations, reporting capabilities and digital services;

integrated ecosystemwhich consists of the IT Alliance, a global network of trusted and experienced service engineers and partners.

The IDC sponsored white paper from Schneider Electric can be downloaded here.

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