Gucci smart ring for the rich

The Finnish company Oura has pleased us for some time with the preparation of the third generation of the smart ring called Oura Ring. It is considered one of the best smart rings to date, as it contains advanced electronics and precise sensors despite its limited dimensions. Despite its small size, it is very accurate when measuring, so the user always has a set of data at his disposal.

Recently, Gucci also revealed its version of the smart ring. It is a high-tech ring specially designed for the wealthy and those who want something more. The novelty is equipped with leather, 18 karat gold and titanium. This gives this Gucci Oura ring a unique look.

Sensors or sensors inside and outside the ring measure body temperature, sleep cycles, resting heart rate, heart rate changes, and more. An entirely new sensor has been used to measure changes in heart rate, which should bring the quality of the measurement closer to that of specialized medical devices. All of the above can be constantly monitored in a dedicated app available for iOS and Android operating systems.

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Gucci Oura smart ring isn’t cheap. Up to 950 euros will have to be deducted for this, and about 6 euros will have to be added from the monthly subscription.

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