Intel Raptor Lake processors will …

It has been rumored for a long time on the Internet that Intel is expected to unveil its 13th generation Core processors under the Raptor Lake development tag this fall. The new processors will actually represent the evolution of the Alder Lake processor cores. The new processors are supposed to be based on a 10nm technology called “SuperFin”, but they will be more powerful compared to current models.

The new Intel Raptor Lake processors will use powerful P-Core (Performance Core) processor cores based on the Raptor Cove architecture. In addition, energy-efficient E-Core processor cores will also be used. The most powerful model is expected to be equipped with 24 physical cores (8 P-Core and 16 E-Core) and 32 processor threads. The highest frequency of the most powerful model is expected to be 5.8 GHz, which means that newcomers will easily cope with the most demanding tasks.

Fortunately, Intel Raptor Lake processors will be compatible with most current motherboards equipped with the Z690, H670, B650, and H610 system families. In addition, motherboard manufacturers will introduce new systems based on the 700 family of systems. The most expensive motherboards will be equipped with Z790 system kits, while H770 and 760 system kits will be available for mid- and low-priced motherboards. It won’t be available until early next year.

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