Google Maps: tricks…

The well-known Google Maps app has many useful features that you might not even know exist and can make your daily commute easier.

Driving to work, on errands, searching for the nearest store or gas station, searching for parking spaces or planning a trip… You’re very likely to open the Google Maps app on your smartphone at least once in the meantime. By far the most popular and widespread location app has many features (hidden and lesser known) that can save you a lot of frustration and inconvenience while driving a car, public passenger transportation or even walking.

In case you have never used Google Maps before, you are very brave and confident in your navigation skills. However, you make your job more difficult, as you can have a very reliable and intelligent co-pilot with you all the time, who will easily take you from point A to point B.

Here are some of the features that will convince you to use Google Maps or upgrade your existing usage. You will also learn about some similar location apps that work similarly or even better to Google Maps.

What is Live View in Google Maps?

When you park your car a few blocks from the actual destination, which is very common in crowded Ljubljana, it is difficult to find your way by following the blue dots on your smartphone screen. Fortunately, Google has put together a handy Live View tool that lets you know exactly where you’re going. All you have to do is pick up the phone, point the camera, and give Google access to the camera.

The feature uses a mobile camera to scan the buildings around you and places a huge arrow on the screen to help you find the exact location of the target. How do you start?

Enter the desired destination in the Google Maps application and click on directions. Select the Walk icon in the top toolbar. The app will find a passage to your chosen location. Click the Live View button at the bottom of the screen next to the Start button. Follow the instructions to give Google access to the camera. Point the latter at the shops, shop windows, and surrounding signs. As you continue on your way, large arrows and street names will appear on the screen to guide you to your destination.

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