Always safe and responsible on the road

Finally summer! Sea, sun, beaches, lakes and mountains. Summer is the time of trips, so we must not forget that there will be more and more cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and e-scooters on the roads, so we must be especially careful.

“I would also warn motorcyclists to be prepared to go on the road, as they often get involved in traffic accidents. Scooters, e-scooters and cyclists should wear a safety helmet every time they drive,” warns the director of the Traffic Safety Agency. Joe Hrebar. In recent years, the University Medical Center in Ljubljana has faced an increase in the number of people treated for falls on motorcycles, scooters and bicycles.

It is important that we participate in traffic responsibly and realize that the road is dangerous where alcohol and psychotropic substances do not belong. Be a 0.0 ratio driver, and engage in traffic respectfully for all road users. Using a mobile phone while driving can also lead to a car accident. The Traffic Safety Agency advises “Turn off the phone and be attentive and tolerant of others, especially the most vulnerable.”

In summer, we must be very careful when overtaking cyclists, scooters and e-scooter drivers. With the correct lateral distance and tolerance, we will not endanger the driver and will be able to return safely to traffic. Pedestrians must also follow the rules and ensure safety. “Pedestrians should always make sure to cross the road safely. Reflectors should be worn in a visible place at twilight or darkness,” adds the Director of the Traffic Safety Agency.

In the summer, strong sunlight can dazzle motorists, cyclists and pedestrians for a few moments, so the safety agency also recommends that drivers provide adequate shading. We also pay little attention to our well-being. Every time we go on the road, we have to take care of the proper psychophysical state. On summer days, do not forget to drink water and rest, especially on long trips.

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