I have $10,000 in savings. what …

Maggie called me and said: I have €10,000 cash savings. I don’t want them to lose value. Sarah called me and said: My dad was saving his whole life. He has 50 thousand euros, a friend told him to buy gold. Sometimes I can buy a studio apartment somewhere in Ljubljana for this money.

Have you also heard such questions in your friends and family circles lately? There is more and more news about inflation, stagflation and food price inflation. There is a growing fear that our savings will rise dramatically.

When our savings, which are directly related to our Social Security or our comfort, are at stake, it is right to turn the mind. Let’s not react emotionally, but take a few minutes to make rational decisions. Only in this way will we be able to take care of Social Security on the one hand, and on the other hand buy goods that make us happy, including consumer electronics, computers, smart watches and the like.

How do you protect your savings? How do we turn the fall of the capital market to our advantage? We invite you to Online Financial Seminar Generali Investments, v Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 2 pm. Register here.

It makes sense to worry at such moments. People (or our psyche) have certain weaknesses that we quickly succumb to. One of these is the sweet tooth, which can be especially noticeable in children. Another is irrational behavior, or in other words, emotional behavior when periods of anxiety occur.

Kaj je inflacija?

Inflacija pomeni dvig splošne ravni cen blaga in storitev. Posledično inflacija vodi v upad kupne moči denarja. Kaj je inflacija, smo občutili na lastni koži v zadnjih nekaj mesecih, predvsem ob vsakodnevnem nakupu hrane ali pa goriva za naše avtomobile, ko smo za enak znesek denarja dobili občutno manj dobrin kot pred enim letom.

Kaj je stagflacija?

O stagflaciji govorimo, ko se gospodarska aktivnost upočasni ali celo zastane, torej ni presežnega celotnega povpraševanja, cene pa se kljub temu zvišujejo. Je združek počasne ali neobstoječe gospodarske rasti - stagnacije; in sorazmerne visoke rasti cen - inflacije. Z njim opišemo daljše obdobje počasne gospodarske rasti, ki namiguje na recesijo, visoko stopnjo brezposelnosti ter hkratno relativno visoko stopnjo inflacije.

In such a period, questions arise about how to protect your assets from the loss of true value.

A look at the capital markets shows a period of instability. So where are the opportunities for investors?

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We invite you to Online Financial Seminar Generali Investments v Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 2 pmWhere we will discuss in a one-hour meeting:

  • Current developments in global capital markets.
  • What is inflation and what is its effect on savings?
  • What is stagflation?
  • How do you follow a specific investment strategy in turbulent times?
  • What are the appropriate reactions from investors?
  • How can we turn the capital market fall to our advantage?
  • Why have Umbrella’s mutual funds lost just under “10” percent of their value on average this year, which is lower than global stock markets?
  • What are the costs of investing in mutual funds?

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