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Meets Four digital tools that provide comprehensive support for co-creation with users of public administration services. It’s a “Co-Gov toolkit”, which is freely available in four languages: Slovenian, Croatian, English and Danish: They developed it on Faculty of Management, University of Ljubljana (FU UL) in cooperation with the Croatian company Span dd. Within the international project COGOV.

The leader of the local project was Dr. Dr. Tina Jokic with FU UL, and the city of Rijeka in Croatia had an official role test partner. The Slovenian Ministry of Public Administration (Matija Kodra, and Katja Glavič, Stop the Bureaucracy) has also been actively involved in the process of developing digital tools, information that has greatly contributed to its usefulness.

Co-innovation is a form of collaborative innovation that entered the central political discourse after the 2008 economic crisis and the bitter realization of the impact of neoliberal solutions. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission (EC) played a major role in this – the former being the main supporter of the promotional idea and the latter as the main financial sponsor of these ideas. Even the European Commission has explicitly accepted co-creation in its documents as a bottom-up approach that fosters a culture of experimentation and leads to customized solutions, growth and legitimacy.

Co-Gov Tools are evidence-based tools to support co-creation in public administration, developed on the basis of empirical research conducted in the COGOV project. Three tools (Co-Ready, Co-Serve and Co-Master) were developed as decision support systems, and one tool (Co-Renew) was developed as a user experience model based on the concept of customer experience:

  • a tool ready subscriber Enables to assess the organization’s readiness for joint creation;
  • a tool Participate in the service supports the selection of the most suitable public services for renewal based on the principles of co-creation;
  • a tool joint renewal Supports co-creation with service users during a specific public service renewal process (selected using the Co-Serve Tool) and
  • a tool Associate Master Supports the assessment of the quality of the co-creation that occurred during the renewal of the service (using the co-creation tool) in order to identify issues that can be appropriately addressed in future co-creations.

The Co-Gov Toolkit was developed as part of the COGOV project, which received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program, in accordance with grant agreement no. 770591. Ten partners from six European countries participated in the project:

  • Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK
  • Roskilde University, Denmark
  • Université Dix Marseille, France
  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Management, Slovenia
  • Span Do, Croatia
  • Cardiff University, UK
  • The Open University, Britanijaνωμένο Britanijaασίλειο.

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