A USB-C charger is essential!

The European Commission recently updated the existing directive on wireless devices to coordinate charging connections and fast charging technology. The USB-C port will be available on all devices sold in the European Union in a few years, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers, and portable game consoles. Most of the manufacturers of Android mobile devices are already using the USB-C interface or planning to replace the microUSB port in the near future.

However, the European Commission recently decided when a USB-C charger or interface would become mandatory in the European market. This will happen as early as the fall of 2024. This means that all electronic devices sold in the European market should be able to charge via USB-C. In addition, customers will be able to choose a product with or without a charger, which helps create a cleaner environment.

As a result, the consumer will also gain a lot. The European Union estimates that consumers can save up to 250 million euros annually. In addition, the amount of waste is expected to decrease by up to 11 million tons. These are also the reasons why the single charger will soon become an essential part.

It will require a USB port for the following devices:

  • Smart phones and regular phones
  • wave
  • e-book readers
  • headphones
  • digital cameras
  • headphones
  • keyboard
  • Transmission loudspeakers
  • keyboard
  • mice
  • portable navigation systems
  • Laptops (up to 40 months after the introduction of the directive)

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