Creating and marketing merchandise…

Comes from the future of the industry in the context of web3 Lui Iarocheski, Head of Digital Fashion Innovation at PlatformEwhich offers some of the biggest fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Celine, Hermès, Dior, Gucci and Fendi, an exceptional virtual experience.

According to Lui, who will appear on SOF’s 31st stage in less than 14 days, Metacospace opens up endless possibilities for brands that must seize the opportunity and become part of the new reality of the industry: “Businesses will need to adapt to the new online environment, where community is an important part of marketing and is often set up before the product. It’s time to stop thinking of customers as a number in the database, but as people who are inspired and happy with the same things as your brand.«

Join the journey of physical e-branding created in the context of web3, and discover what the future of fashion marketing will look like in the next iteration of the internet.

* The lecture will be held in English without subtitles.

Grab a ticket and join the various festival events that will fill Portorož Hall on June 14-15.

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