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A robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean itself and empty water and dust tanks

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner that can suck fine dust and larger debris off the floor, while also offering a wet mopping option. The Ultra docking station is pretty big this time around, but for some reason. It can clean the bottom of the robotic vacuum cleaner for you, fill its water tank and empty its dust container, seriously reducing the level of maintenance required. Roborock S7 Max in Ultra It also includes a built-in camera with which you can monitor your home and talk to pets. Intelligent intelligence also allows you to view your space as the robot sucks in 3D.

Roborock is a relatively new name in the robot vacuum cleaner market. In contrast to brands like iRobot Roomba, which have two decades of experience, Roborock only entered the world of robotic cleaners in 2014. However, after investing in the Xiaomi smartphone brand, it quickly showed that it was capable of giving it bigger names and bypassing them. in several categories.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the brand’s latest robotic vacuum cleaner and delivers the most practical experience yet. This robotic vacuum cleaner can not only mop and sweep the floor, but also has a base base to clean the mop cloth and fill the water tank for you. It can also empty its dustbin into a container that will withstand up to seven weeks of dirt and debris. However, in this container, you can simply either replace the bag with a new one, or simply empty it into the trash and be ready for reuse.

The S7 MaxV Ultra offers five levels of suction and power and can suck, mop or use both functions at the same time. Even better, the wipes use sonic vibration technology that cleans 3,000 times per minute to remove 3,000 times more stubborn dirt than the floor, unlike the competition, which only “pumps” water on the floor.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner It includes a LiDAR scanner and a built-in camera to navigate your home. You can also use the latter to monitor your home when you are away and, thanks to the microphone and speaker, to calm your pets (tell them something from a distance). Roborock S7 Max in Ultra It will take a logical path around your home for quick and effective cleaning, not a random path. The most exposed and potentially soiled floor will be left to finish. While Wi-Fi connectivity means the unit can be operated via the Roborock app.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra comes at a price €1199 One of the most expensive robotic vacuum cleaners currently on the market, but if we add what all this allows and what everyone knows, this price is quite acceptable and we can justify it. The vacuum cleaner is already available through the official Slovenian Roborock Shop online.

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