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Samsung Electronics expands the Bespoke Home vision by offering new flexible design options, smarter connectivity options, an extended product lifecycle, and other sustainable solutions.

Samsung Electronics hosted the Bespoke Home 2022 program in recent days, with the event revealing a new range of bespoke devices. This year’s theme was based on the concept of expanding space, expertise and time to provide a better indoor living experience beyond standard home appliances.

“The positive response to last year’s Bespoke Home event showed us that people around the world want our vision of a better home life with inspired design, smart personalization and connectivity. This year, we are excited to build on our vision by offering customers more opportunities to express themselves, and experience relevant benefits. relevance and sustainability in the company using custom designed devices.” JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Devices at Samsung Electronics.

Expand the Bespoke concept to the whole house

This year, Samsung is introducing an all-encompassing experience by expanding the Bespoke concept to the entire home. The focus is on upgrading the kitchen and living appliances with stylish colors, updated features and excellent workmanship. As a grandmother Samsung in this line offers Detailed washer and dryer artificial intelligence and new Detailed Kitchen Gadgets.

In the European market, this line also includes completely new products Customized ovens. The latter is based on artificial intelligence technology and will be introduced in the second half of the year. The custom-made oven offers related functions via the SmartThings app, making cooking easier and more efficient with more delicious results. AI Pro Cooking umet technology can identify ingredients, optimize settings, monitor food during cooking, and prevent overcooking or undercooking. The Dual Cook Steam™ function allows users to cook healthy steamed meals and oven food with different settings at the same time. The Sense-to-Open function opens the oven door with one touch, resulting in a sleek and simple design with flat doors without handles. The rest of the Bespoke line, including dish washer in induction hobIt will be available in the second half of 2022.

November washer and dryer With artificial intelligence, Bespoke will be equipped with the latest energy-saving technology and eco-friendly features, including AI Ecobubble, AI Wash and SpaceMax.

At the event, Samsung particularly focused on developing bespoke design through various efforts such as design competitions, collaborations with artists and exclusive paintings. The approach illustrates the search for the most user-friendly solution. The company has also collaborated with famous artists on special projects to design custom refrigerators, including Typod Herm, Andy Reminer and Alex Probat. In this way, Samsung is taking personalization to a higher level with its recently announced MyBespoke services in the US. MyBespoke will provide customers with the ability to design and manufacture custom and one-of-a-kind French Door Cooling Panels to order. For the latter, users will be able to use their own art, print materials, and photos. The dedicated service will be available in the US later this year.

A smarter, more functional life at home

A seamless connection experience means more than just managing devices through the app. It is about creating a personalized experience within the walls of the house using artificial intelligence technology. All with the desire to make life more practical for the individual user. To this end, the company also offers in June this year Home Life SmartThings, a call center that combines six essential home services: cooking, energy, clothing care, pet care, air care, and home care. With SmartThings Home Life, users will be able to customize automation to take advantage of devices that can be connected to the service they need.

SmartThings will also play a key role in the partnership program between Samsung and world-leading technology company ABB to develop a comprehensive smart building solution. This will combine Samsung SmartThings with ABB’s free @home® residential solution for seamless integration with existing customer property management systems. In the second step, the collaboration will allow users to connect a range of devices and devices through a central system to better redirect the electricity load. The benefits are energy and money savings and reduced carbon emissions, while expanding access to SmartThings and the latest smart home technology around the world.

Durability from start to finish

Samsung’s commitment to helping the environment has always been at the heart of product design. The latest bespoke hardware is no exception, as they are all designed with the sustainable product lifecycle in mind from start to finish.

Samsung Bespoke hardware is designed to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. In the case of production, Samsung wants to prevent soil contamination by reducing factory waste, including shards of glass. It also recycles liquid materials, such as waste oil and paint, into fuel so that it can be reused later. In fact, Samsung’s digital device manufacturing facilities in Korea achieved an industrial waste recycling rate of 93 percent in 2019, rising to 98 percent in 2021. Samsung will continue to increase the recycling rate in the future.

At the same time, Samsung is also combating an over-reliance on natural resources by using eco-friendly packaging boxes that consumers can redesign at home. In addition, Samsung offers digital guides via QR codes that reduce paper consumption.

The sustainable design continues to operate while the device is in use. Samsung refrigerators use an advanced digital inverter compressor, while Samsung washing machines take advantage of technology such as the AI ​​Ecobubble function. Thanks to these innovative technologies, Samsung was able to reduce the energy consumption of refrigerators by 67%.[1] From 2000 to 2020, at a rate of 53%[2] In washing machines from 2011 to 2020. The result of these efforts has been recognized with Energy Star certifications. For users, this means lower energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

SmartThings Energy can also help customers save energy by turning off appliances nearly when they are not in use, as well as adjusting blinds and air conditioners, reducing energy losses and creating sustainable habits in the home.

Every household appliance must be disposed of properly at the end of its life cycle, which is very important for a sustainable operation. Samsung offers a 20-year warranty with long-lasting home appliances starting in July[3], which is Samsung’s longest-running offering in Europe and the US for key hardware components such as digital inverter motors and digital inverter compressors for custom-made appliances. Plus, thanks to Bespoke’s modular design, users can customize the look of their hardware at home when changes are required, rather than buying new ones.

After all, Samsung products are designed to be flexible, durable, and efficient, extending product life while reducing waste. These efforts reflect Samsung’s determination to help create a more sustainable future.

[1] The energy consumption of Samsung refrigerators (with a freezer on the bottom) has decreased by about 67% since 2000 (the first launch of a bottomed refrigerator in Europe) by 2020. Comparative models for calculating electricity consumption per net capacity (based on the EU energy label) are SL39SP3 / XEU, sold in 2000, and RB37R5**R**, sold in 2020.

[2] Electricity consumption in Samsung (drum type) washing machines has decreased by about 53% since 2011 (in line with revised new energy regulations in Europe). Similar models for calculating electricity consumption (based on the EEI from the EU Energy Report) are the WF0704L7W, sold in 2011, and the WW12R640U0M in 2020.

[3] There is a 20 year warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor and Digital Inverter Compressor for refrigerators and washing machines in the European region and washing machines in the American region.

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