Towards more sustainable data…

• Modular design allows for easy and simple installation in data centers
• The new Uniflair™ chiller solution delivers energy-efficient cooling with a low cost of ownership
• Low-GWP chillers help data centers meet regulatory efficiencies

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has introduced a new range of Uniflair hlad refrigeration solutions with screw compressors for large data centers. The new series delivers efficiency and precision with the ability to configure to adapt to current and future data center cooling challenges.

New air-cooled cooling systems provide greater cooling capacity with lower electricity consumption and ensure high energy efficiency in all conditions. Uniflair refrigeration systems with screw compressors are among the first solutions for using low global warming (GWP) refrigerants.

“With sustainable development in mind, we have designed the latest Uniflair Chiller air cooler, which provides businesses with exceptional energy efficiency and reliability even in challenging conditions. The entire chain, which uses environmentally friendly chillers and uses less energy, underscores Schneider’s commitment to customized innovation and sustainability, while It offers clients a customized solution to the challenges of the future.” He said Pankaj Batakdirector of the refrigeration division in the safe energy division of Schneider Electric.

Innovations in data center cooling increase sustainability and resilience

Schneider’s latest Uniflair systems, from 300 to 2,200 kW, represent significant improvements in the efficiency and reliability of data center cooling. Cooling systems of different sizes and strengths allow for modular configuration and are packaged for easier and faster infrastructure installation. The cooling system uses outside air to reduce energy consumption without affecting the unit size. All this, in turn, reduces annual energy consumption and the cost of ownership.

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