What is the cloud or. “Cloud”?

The basic concept of the cloud is simple – it basically applies to all virtual servers in data centers around the world that host the software, databases, and services that organizations need to do business.

In fact, the cloud or. The cloud is a bit more complex, but the main advantage is that companies that use the cloud no longer need to maintain a physical data center or server system. These matters are taken care of by the cloud provider, for example Microsoft or Amazon. Therefore, organizations do not need to own and manage their own infrastructure or software because they are available in the cloud.

Moving to the cloud is not just one step

The essence of moving to the cloud is to optimize IT costs and operational benefits for the company. The cloud makes it possible to simplify the work of an organization. It allows you to improve software and infrastructure. This saves money and eases workloads.

From simple data storage to complex or cost-effective algorithms, there are many reasons to digitize business through cloud services.

Therefore, any move to the cloud requires detailed planning, employee upgrades, and a lot of outside expertise. Digitization does not happen at the touch of a button.

Which cloud do you want?

It depends on many factors or. Questions to answer:

  • Is this a public cloud a private server dedicated exclusively to your organization?
  • Do you want a hybrid solution or. A mixture of private and public cloud?
  • Or is your business suitable for using multiple clouds?

The answers to these questions are determined by the type of company and the current configuration of your IT assets.

Thinking of moving to the cloud?

The move to the cloud enables company digitization, relaxes employees (software maintenance), improves IT infrastructure and provides employees with a modern workplace. Data security is ensured by the most qualified experts. The benefits of migrating to the cloud, for reasons of war, have also been recognized by Ukrainian companies, which are moving their cloud businesses en masse.

Whatever your reason for moving to the cloud—lower cost, better business, more security—you need a proven migration plan and methodology. The goal of this tried and tested cloud migration methodology is to make informed decisions at every step. To succeed, you need a technology partner, professional migration methods, and people to manage.

Migration to the cloud is the key to success

Crayon’s cloud migration methodology allows you to systematically assess the different layers of your IT infrastructure to assess the overall readiness of your cloud migration process. The plan includes 4 steps:

  1. In-depth evaluation Workload and maturity of software and applications
  2. Planning and evaluation Planning strategy, workload migration and application update schedule
  3. Application / immigration Proof of concept, cloud landing area, application and workload transfer
  4. Cloud Play A phase in which cloud realities are exploited with a focus on operational excellence, cost optimization, and enhanced security.

Crayon’s core is cost optimization, while upgrading a comprehensive assessment of the IT environment.

Crayon offers solutions with support for data updates and migration options. The migration approach is based on proven and proven examples of global best practices. It is a leader in digital transformation and the cloud economy with a wide range of international clients.

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