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Digital vouchers worth 150 euros, which beneficiaries will be able to redeem from June 15 onwards, will be available for purchase at Telekom Slovenije for the purchase of more than 800 products.

Telekom Slovenije has prepared a special offer for laptops, desktops, game consoles, tablets and accessories for purchase with a digital voucher, which pupils of the last third of primary, secondary and university schools are entitled to in the first stage, and later also those over 55 years of age such as headphones speakers, webcams, keyboards, etc. Digital coupons can be redeemed by everyone when purchasing products from regular sales in Telekom Slovenije, regardless of which operator they have contact services with. Telekom Slovenije provided a sufficient supply of attractive devices.

Customers will be able to redeem the digital voucher when making purchases in the online store as well as when making purchases through the call center and at authorized Telekom centers and points of sale throughout Slovenia. In addition to purchase in installments, Telekom Slovenije will also offer free delivery, purchase with guarantee, the possibility of insuring mobile devices with a bond with free insurance for two months, and secure web service will be available free of charge on the first registration for two months. Telekom Slovenije will provide a higher speed of 1 Gbit / s on selected packages for one year free of charge to all those who will increase their Internet speed on eye contact after June 15 when redeeming the coupon, and subscribers can change their existing mobile phone or fixed package for free.

Redeeming digital coupons will be possible from June 15 onwards, and customers can already submit an order for an individual product via the online form. In addition to the main purchases, Telekom Slovenije will also allow to combine several coupons within the family.

In the event that the customer purchases a product more than 150 euros, he will redeem the digital coupon upon payment, and pay the rest in one go or in installments.

Recipients can redeem digital vouchers until November 30 this year. However, beneficiaries over 55 years of age will be required to take a free digital course in order to be able to redeem the digital voucher.

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