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Gaming equipment is usually private. Everything is glowing and in general, all the computer accessories designed for playing games look attractive. So why not consider high-quality headphones that will definitely suit your “game” style or playing style?

Onikuma K9 Gaming Headphones With cat ears definitely looking special, there’s no denying that. However, we can easily imagine it among young people while listening to music on a walk or on the way to school. if they are you Decorative cat ears are superfluous, and they can of course be easily removed. That’s what they thought when they created it, too.

They are now Onikuma K9 . Headphones With a promo code Haka 10-29 Available at a reduced price in the Heka online store 29.24 euros.

The Onikuma K9 headphones have an adjustable headband, so they are suitable for everyone. It features convenience and a set of settings that enhance the user experience. The soft foam will ensure your ears rest for hours in their shelter, while you listen to the sound of games, music, or maybe even talk to one of your teammates. It is also equipped with a microphone – as required. There is also foam for added comfort inside the headband that attaches the headphones.

Of course, it is compatible with both laptops, PCs, and game consoles.

We noticed something very useful. The headphones have a “button” on the cable to adjust the volume and mute the microphone. It’s also adorned with RGB lighting on the outside of the left and right headphones, which means it’s not lacking in a gamer’s touch.

They are now Onikuma K9 . Headphones With a promo code Haka 10-29 Available in the Hekka online store at a reduced price of €29.24. Be careful when ordering, as Spain is designated as the country above. You have to change that to Slovenia.


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