Apple M2 processor will soon be …

Apple recently introduced a new mobile processor branded M2. The novelty was made with the help of 5 nanometer technology, and together they have 20 billion transistors available for data conversion. That’s 25 percent more than the Apple M1 processor. The data transfer speed is up to 100 Gbps, which is half more than the M1 processor.

If Apple is to be believed, the new M2 processor is very powerful. This device offers up to 18 percent more capacity than its predecessor. Graphics capacity is 25 percent higher or 35 percent at maximum power. The AI’s transformation power has also increased compared to the M1 processor, by 40 percent.

At the beginning of next year, we promised to develop the Apple M2 processor. The computer giant is expected to introduce three improvements to the new processor, the M2 Pro, Max and Ultra. If online rumors are to be believed, all three processors will be built using advanced 3nm technology. In practice, this means more capacity with lower power consumption.

There are rumors on the Internet that the new Apple M2 processors are expected to be equipped with a larger number of processor cores. In addition, they are expected to have several data conversion centers. More information about the new Apple M2 Pro, Max and Ultra processors is expected to be known early next year.

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