Dream 8 Wedding Directed Online…

Behind us is the 8 dream wedding, which was organized by the largest dating portal in Slovenia ona-on.com in association with omisli.si/poroko for Marinka and Damjan. The newlyweds were overwhelmed with happiness!

Marinka and Damjan (after the wedding): Thank you! We are great. A dream wedding for a dream couple! The wedding is over and we have very beautiful memories and impressions.

This is how Marinka and Damjan summed up their first impressions after the wedding, and at the same time said that they did not expect to smile such great happiness as winning a dream wedding. Let’s take a look at how their fairy tale started on ona-on.com and what led them to their Dream She-On wedding.

Her check-in and first date that lasted 7 hours is awesome

Marinko was encouraged to use it by a friend, and Damjan needed no extra encouragement. The thing they have in common is that they wanted to meet someone forever. They soon realize that people on record have similar and different interests. Finding the right type is made much easier with the Contacts filter.

After a few months of reporting, they found each other. They exchanged some messages and soon agreed on their first date.

Seven hours of socializing on the first date passed like a flash. The atmosphere between them was colorful – from fear and confusion to positive emotions. The fairy tale began.

From a date to a wedding in a dream 8

They happily captured their story of how they met the creators, and it paid off. For the award, they took home a dream wedding (the eighth in a row).

Marinka and Damjan says:We both think it’s great to meet him and that without you I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet him. That is why we are so happy to praise you and recommend to our friends.”

Moment: A dream wedding, a pair of dreams, a cycle of dreams

On the day of the wedding, Marinka and Damjan woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning. what are you expecting? How will the day go? Will everything be OK and in its proper place? Of course, there were a lot of questions and the experience was a bit stressful at first. However, positive emotions prevailed.

They knew they had a team behind them Co-organizer omisli.si/poroko) They can trust him, so the dream wedding will be a real one. Already before the big day, they choose their wedding rings Zlatarni HulkArrange invitations and all Publications in the MVM service And a mattress for wooden decorations Accessories in Barbara of KoKjut.

Soon the wedding organizer Renata knocked on the door (fun agency) who arranged the wedding day. The newlyweds’ house became lively in the morning. Both local service providers and wedding parties have come together to salvage their creations. for Make-up and hairstyle Jadranka takes care of her (JJ&T استوديو studio) and crinolina for beautiful bride and groom dresses.

The bride and groom looked frankly gorgeous. Shine with joy, anticipation and positive energy. Once they had put on their wedding dresses and when Marinka’s makeup and hairstyle was ready, everything was ready to start the day for real.

Before the arrival of the newlyweds The location of the civil ceremony and celebration – both were held in the beautiful Moline district Near Shkovec – others have arrived at the site, they are to blame for the fact that the wedding got a point on i. Bullet from Dream Bouquet She knew how to make a wonderful bouquet and all the decorative flowers with the energy of her heart – that’s what the newlyweds say. DJ Dad Keep the atmosphere and wedding party in high dancing facilities for several hours, Anja from Anja cakes However, she made a dream wedding cake.

Together with the assembled bride and groom, they went first to the church, where a church feast followed, and then to the Mullen, where a ceremonial and civil ceremony was held. The bride accompanied her grandmother to the altar in the church, and at the civil ceremony her father was very influential. Their friend made sure they got safely from one wedding location to another, but not only that – he made the wedding guests laugh with his fun entries and put them in a good mood. The solemn part (church ceremonies and civil ceremony) was followed by refreshments and entertainment until the morning.

Matjay Tavshar (photo) and Gaspar Petrich (video) took care of the wonderful memories all day long.

For the bride and groom, it’s a gorgeous wedding day in an idyllic coastal environment, rich in sparkling wine, colorful fruits and hearts of helium. A wonderful end to a beautiful day was provided by a beautiful fireworks display that lit up the sky over the coast. We wish Marinka and Djerman many wonderful days in love!

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