Nikon memory card…

Mobile devices are becoming more and more comparable to personal computers in terms of performance, so there is not enough space to store data and multimedia content. This is especially true of modern digital cameras. These are already capable of capturing 8K videos. Storage is running out very quickly, which is on the nerves of many users.

As many enthusiasts expressed interest in more spacious memory cards, Nikom rolled up its sleeves. They have prepared the first CFexpress memory card, which can store up to 600 GB of multimedia content. The new Nikon MC-CF660G CFexpress Memory Card (Type B) is extremely fast and extremely reliable.

The Nikon MC-CF660G CFexpress Memory Card (Type B) supports reading data at speeds up to 1700MB/s and writing data at speeds up to 1500MB/s. This means that the novelty will easily cope with storing 8K videos at an average frequency of 60 frames per second. The retail price of the novelty has not been revealed, but it certainly won’t be entirely low.

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