Asus ROG Chakram X: the computer …

Today, it is still difficult to imagine life without a personal computer. Namely, we use it for daily tasks and for leisure. The computer mouse plays a major role in this, without it it is not possible to select the content on the screen. It is especially important for fans of computer games, because without a high-quality mouse there are no desirable successes.

The latest ROG Chakram X computer mouse from Asus undoubtedly offers one step ahead of the competition, as it is the most responsive computer mouse to date. The novelty is equipped with advanced technology that provides an accuracy of 36 thousand dpi. Refresh rate up to 8000 Hz. Since the novelty is equipped with artificial intelligence, it is not surprising that its accuracy is around 100 percent.

The user has up to 11 programmable keys and even a small arrow key. There is also support for wireless charging via Qi technology. The charged battery is enough for about 114 hours of autonomous operation. Great color lighting is also available here, of course.

The ROG Chakram X high-end computer mouse from Asus isn’t as cheap as one might expect. Namely, retailers in Europe are asking for up to €169.90 for it. It can also be purchased from the Amazon online store.

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