Interview with the team of Offbrand Wolves

We had a short interview with the captain of Offbrand Wolves, this year’s Slovenian National Championship champion in League of Legends.

• Can you introduce us to your team in a few sentences?

The Offbrand Wolves team, sponsored by Cyber ​​Wolves, consists of four Slovenes and two Serbs. The team has a good atmosphere where we have confidence in our teammates. Despite the lack of training, we have developed our own way of playing and an identity that suits us and thus facilitates the matches. Before and after the matches, we feel relaxed and social, and during the matches we are 100% focused on our goal in this league.

• What is the story behind the formation of your team?

The team was first formed for Epicenter. I had two “mid laners” at my disposal. Due to commitments, Dunko was relegated in the first round and because Erubin played excellently, he played all matches. I met Alexx “Support” on the other team’s trials and invited him to join the team. He introduced Skye, which is originally a “toplaner”, but due to the lack of “junglers” on the Slovenian scene, we sent him straight into the woods, and got RealShow on top, which played a very strong season. Just before the tournament, we met the Cyber ​​Wolves, and we agreed with them to carry their name on the Epicenter. After a successful focus, we kept in touch. Due to league rules, we were not allowed to play in their name, but they are still our main sponsors.

• Some heroes in the game are very close to someone’s heart, but it didn’t work Appear due to the current “target”?

Meta did not cause us any problems. Our hero group is huge. I think he took Sky away for a little while because he didn’t play his starting position. Perhaps Erubin plays a game like Anivia, but his opponents did not let him pass.

• Was this your first tournament? If not, where did you all compete?

Our first tournament of the year was Focus Online, where we won fourth place with our second “Jungle”.

• What are your ambitions in esports? They are related to the individual Or team achievements?

I think esports is the future and I would like to be a part of it either as an actor or in some other way. I think my main goal is to be the best player possible. In terms of accomplishments, individual and team accomplishments must go hand in hand. After all, League of Legends is a team game and without a team you cannot succeed.

• What is the origin of your Usernames?

real show – At the age of nine, he wanted to get a regular show, but somehow he made a mistake and landed on The Real Show and so stayed.
Sky – He changed his name and finally found that he loved Heaven (sky).
Aerobin He is a fan of the anime and his name is Elvin, which translates to Japanese as Erubin.
LeScrub When I started playing games, I called myself LeScrub. Rub because it looked cute and I was hooked.
Alex – He wanted to have a nickname similar to his name Alexander.
Donko – He has a dog named Dunko whose nickname was dedicated to him.

• What do you think of this year’s competition? that matches you Do you not forget?

This year’s competition was high quality. The ladder was made up of good and lower quality teams. Particularly good opponents were the CW Academy and the Sneaky Foxes, which was also reflected in the competition with them. Of course, we remember the final more. After a bad first game, we took a break and quickly analyzed our problems. We changed our playing style and surprised our opponents, who probably already thought it would be an easy victory.

• Do we expect you next year as well?

Maybe you can expect us again next year. Of course we will come to defend the title, and maybe some players will change as well.

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