Premium Telegram No Disturb…

Telegram is becoming more and more popular among smartphone users as well as PC users. The main purpose of this type of messaging service is somewhat similar to a social network. So it is not surprising that more than 600 million users are already actively using it every month.

However, since some users do not want online ads, changes are to be expected. Telegram recently announced the arrival of a premium package, Telegram Premium. With that, users will already be using the popular service without intermediate ads in exchange for a monthly subscription. In addition, they will get some advantages.

Users of the paid Telegram Premium service will be able to access a number of new options, such as uploading larger files at faster speeds and sending longer texts. The paid Telegram package will be available in July. It is not yet known how much will be deducted per month for using the Telegram Premium service. There is talk of a €4.99 monthly subscription online. More about this, of course, will be known soon.

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