Intel Meteor Lake-P processors …

Intel has been studying the 14th generation Core (Meteor Lake) processors for some time, although the 13th generation (Raptor Lake) hasn’t been officially announced yet. However, the latest information indicates that Intel will also introduce a new socket with its 14th generation Core processors. This will be the LGA 1815 socket, which will replace the current LGA 1700. Fortunately, this socket will be backward compatible, which means that the processors can be used on older motherboards. All you have to do is update the BIOS hardware code.

Of course, Intel Meteor Lake processors will also be used for laptops. It will be equipped with the Intel Meteor Lake-P brand, and the Core i5 and Core i7 models will be available to users initially. It will be equipped with six powerful P-Core cores and eight energy-saving E-Core cores. This means that newcomers will recompute the data with 14 physical processors and 20 virtual cores. The power consumption will reach 45 watts. This means that the newcomers will not significantly affect the independence of the operation of the laptop.

In addition, the new Intel Meteor Lake-P processors will include four components, namely CPU, GPU, SOC and I / O. In practice, this means that they will make it possible to make more compact laptops. In addition, these will be more effective. The new entrants are expected to offer up to 20 percent higher efficiency with the same electricity consumption.

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