Notepad now with default support…

If you swear by Microsoft Windows operating systems, you are well aware that Notepad has been a part of the Windows operating system since the beginning. This app is fast and easy to use, and recently it has received a number of new features. These are certainly especially useful for those who use Notebook to develop applications, to edit system logs, or to create short notes.

Among the novelties of the notebook we find the option “Contour Find / Replace”, which allows you to search for and replace words, as well as the possibility of making text larger or smaller. The new notebook also gets support for an end-of-line character in Linux. In fact, there are two characters that can be used to indicate the end of a line, the “line feed” (LF), which indicates the end of the line, and “line carriage” (CR), which is the correct character to indicate the end of the line.

However, Notebook has recently gained another important option. From now on, it supports systems based on ARM processors by default. Due to low power consumption, ARM processors are dominant in the mobile device market, where low power consumption is an important criterion for developers. The default support means Notepad runs more efficiently on ARM systems and is much faster.

The development code is set for ARM Systems Support Notebook 11.2204. This is currently available for testing by anyone who is part of Microsoft’s Insider Development Program. To take full advantage of the novelties, it will of course be necessary to have a computer system powered by an ARM processor.

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