BKS-leasing is a proud partner in…

The transition to electric and hybrid vehicles also plays an important role in protecting the active nature. The demand for it has increased recently.

“Awareness is growing that everyone can make their own contribution to a greener environment and a cleaner future for our children,” says Mojca Lazi, Director of BKS Leasing.

Usually the rental is within a few hours

With quick and affordable leasing, BKS-leasing allows for an easy transition to more environmentally friendly mobility, which in turn ensures lower emissions. “At BKS-leasing, we understand that people need fast and efficient solutions at the current pace. This is why it is usually possible to obtain a lease within a few hours in our country,” says Director Lazi of the approval of the financing. “We are also very flexible in terms of individual adjustment according to the client’s needs and capabilities. We want to be as helpful and supportive as possible for our clients.”

Sustainability and green products are at the fore

BKS Bank has been a leader in sustainability for many years. They are active in the key role that banks and leasing companies play in climate protection. “We are part of the Austrian Bank, which this year celebrates its centenary. Our guiding principle is responsibility and proximity, which is why we place great emphasis on introducing green technology. In our strategy, we put sustainability and green products at the fore, as we are members of the Green Finance Alliance. Among other things, we can be proud of the EMAS certification, the excellent rating of the ISS ESG, membership in the Vönix Sustainable Development Index and the Green Brand, says the Director.

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