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In 2005, Google set up Google Talk. It has provided online users with free text and voice communication, sending short messages and making phone conversations online. Google Talk demonstrated the ability to connect to other online chat rooms, which were not supported by competing products from Yahoo! and Microsoft and Ameraca Online. Google Talk was based on the open source Jabber platform, which allowed users to connect with iChat, GAIM, Adium, Trillian Pro and Dogs. Google Talk was intended for owners of Gmail mailboxes and Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. However, they were all free.

However, recently Google announced farewell to the online chat room Google Talk, as it no longer meets modern requirements. The computer giant will refuse to support it on June 16 this year. At the same time, support for applications from third-party companies such as Pidgin and Gajim will stop. All users who try to access Google Talk after June 16 this year will only receive a generic error message.

Google advises Google Talk users to upgrade to the latest version of Google Chat. This of course allows you to make audio and video calls. This is available through a web browser as well as through mobile applications intended for the Android and iOS operating systems.

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