Interview with the Diamant Esports team

We did a short interview with Diamant Esports, this year’s Slovenian National Championship champion in Valorant.

We did a short interview with Diamant Esports, this year’s Slovenian National Championship champions at Valorant, Diamant Esports.

1. Can you introduce us to your team in a few sentences?

The Diamant Esports team is made up of six players, Slovenians Patiks and Germic, Croatian Pembilbe and three Serbs, Berti and Tatzuki, and coach Bakko.

2. Was this your first tournament? If not, where did you all compete before?

We have been playing together for a long time. Before Diamond we called ourselves “idkman”. In our region (Balkans), we have achieved successful results for a long time and showed our competitiveness, the goals are even higher.
From the moment we met, we have competed in all Slovenian events (gamegang, epicenter), won Balkan League #3 and Balkan Valorant Clutch #2, second place in A1 Adria League – Season 9, and are currently playing in the regional league Valorant: EAST Boom.

3. As a team, have you ever competed in other popular “shooting games” like CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege?

No, when we compete as a team, we play Valorant.

4. What are your ambitions in esports? Is it related to individual or collective achievements?

The ambition is to beat the best teams in the world. Everyone wants to play well, but in the end only victory wins you as a team. Each of us has a bad day and another good day, everyone’s goal is definitely to play a good individual game, but the most important thing is definitely to play well as a team.

5. What advice would you give someone who wants to improve the game?

First of all, you have to play a lot. Namely, there are many factors that influence the final result. Organized and structured training (KOVAC, goallab, death match), watching demos, of course important factors are the quality of sleep and fitness. Above all, all this must be accompanied by a growth-oriented mindset, and a very sincere attitude to oneself, that is, to accept defeats and learn from them.

6. What is the origin of your Usernames?

lightning strike – My last name is my nickname, but it’s only slightly different.
patix – Derived from my name.
Tatsuki – I picked the name at random when I was a kid and it hasn’t changed since then.
tablecloths – When I was younger, there was a rap group Prti Bee Gee in Serbia. They were an inspiration to my name.
bmblbe – My first name was infinite YYY, but my brother “stole” my name later and called myself infyy. I had to find a new name, as a younger brother I found bmblbe to be cool.
Baku – When I played CS: GO, I had a different nickname. When I finished the game I wanted it to start with the first letter of my name and pakko looked cute.

7. What do you think of this year’s competition? Which match do you remember the most?

Expecting to beat everyone else, CWE was the biggest competition. Definitely remind us of the final. We lost the first volume and then a reverse sweep, and that split was a good match and CWE played great.

8. Do we expect you next year too?

We are planning to play all the tournaments that we will be able to participate in.

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