Amazon Prime Air is finally in…

Amazon recently achieved a significant milestone by delivering ordered packages to its customers using a drone. The customer placed the order on the website, and only 13 minutes passed until the moment of delivery of the ordered goods. In order to make drone deliveries quick or even faster in the future, Amazon is seriously considering the possibility of offering flying warehouses of the most popular products, using aircraft for this purpose.

However, Prime Air has recently become more strategic for Amazon, as the recent coronavirus crisis has clearly highlighted the growing importance of online ordering and delivery of products purchased online. However, Amazon has had to slow down somewhat with the Prime Air project as its drones have been involved in a number of accidents. However, as it turned out, the problems with the reliability of the flight ended, as it re-acquired permission to deliver parcels with drones.

By the end of the year, Amazon will be the first to offer the service commercially to residents of Lockford County. This is a small area about 160 kilometers from San Francisco. Residents will be offered a new drone parcel delivery service for free, and the service will be very easy to use. The user will request the package via the Prime Air service. After payment, the parcel will be received within 1 hour. The drone package will drop to the ground upon delivery, from a safe height of the package contents. If Prime Air works in practice, it will certainly be available to other customers in 2023.

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