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Malicious code is still one of the main problems for users of Android smartphones and tablets. Their number is increasing like a bet. In addition, malicious code is becoming more dangerous for end users, and its authors are getting smarter.

More and more infected apps are entering the online Google Play Store, which has been brought up again recently by security experts. This time, they discovered malware infected with the Hydra and Joker malicious code. Malicious codes are designed to steal passwords, credit card information, phone numbers, and email addresses. So it’s no surprise that it can give us some headaches.

Below is a list of Android mobile apps infected with malicious code. If you installed one of them, delete it immediately or reset the phone to factory settings. In addition, make sure that your mobile device is up to date and that the appropriate antivirus protection is installed on it. According to the available data, the malicious code has infected millions of devices in more than 70 countries around the world.

List of malicious Android apps infected with Hydra and Joker malicious codes:

  • Document manager
  • Currency Tracking Loan – Online Loan
  • Cool caller screen
  • Authentication Protector PSD
  • RGB Emoji Keyboard
  • Professional Camera Translator
  • Fast PDF Scanner
  • Air Balloon Wallpaper
  • colorful messenger
  • Thug Photo Editor
  • Anime wallpapers
  • peace messages
  • happy collages
  • The original Messenger
  • Pele messages
  • smart keyboard
  • Private photo editor
  • 4K wallpapers

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