The first personal computer…

As it turns out, Intel is ready to start selling its own standalone graphics cards for personal computers. MSI introduced the first PC with an Intel Arc A380 6GB graphics card. This is a “slightly wrapped” version of the Intel Arc A380 graphics card, which is supposed to be manufactured by MSI. This means that it is a customized version of a very interesting graphics card from the computer giant.

The Intel Arc A380 6GB standalone graphics card uses Xe Core cores and a total of 1024 processor units to transform graphics content. The total size of the graphics memory is six gigabytes of GDDR6. The graphics core and graphics memory are communicated via a 96-bit data bus.

An interesting computer system is also equipped with an Intel Core i7-12700KF processor with Alder Lake-S cores. The whole is completed by a 650 Watt power supply. The new product is expected to deliver 85fps to 200fps in 1080p resolution. These are “esports” games. The new MSI computer system with Intel Arc A380 6GB graphics card will go on sale soon, and the retail price is unknown at least for the time being.

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