Now is the time for electricity…

One of the most efficient and fun electric vehicles to overcome shorter distances is definitely the electric scooter.

A trip to work, afternoon activities or just a fun summer vacation – many swear today by the electric scooter. It’s fast, agile and small enough to get through these tight areas, and at the same time, it’s small enough to be folded up and stowed in the trunk.

One interesting representative is the NAVEE N65, as there is a limited special offer at this link at the time of writing, which runs until stock goes out. NAVEE Electric Scooter can help you Code FT4495 have fun 518 EUR.

Equipped with a 500W brushless motor, which provides stability and performance even when conquering up to 25% of slopes. It has adjustable speeds of 25 km/h and 15 km/h. Set it with a suitable button and you can monitor it on the LED screen. In addition to speed, it also displays battery status, output power and other data.

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