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The European Commission recently updated the existing directive on wireless devices to coordinate charging connections and fast charging technology. USB-C will be mandatory in the fall of 2024 on all devices sold in the European Union, including smartphones, tablets, laptops (up to 40 months after the directive is introduced), keyboards, mice, e-book readers, digital cameras, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and other devices. Portable games and portable navigation systems. Most of the Android mobile device manufacturers are already using the USB-C interface or planning to replace the old micro USB port with it in the near future.

A similar move could soon be done in the United States. Specifically, Democratic Party lawmakers have called for the USB-C interface to be mandatory for all future mobile devices. This step is intended to reduce the environmental impact of the chargers. In addition, the user experience is expected to improve significantly. Namely, mobile device users will have the option to charge all their devices with a single port, which is the USB-C interface.

Apple is currently in the “worst” position among all mobile device manufacturers. This still uses the Lightning interface on its mobile devices. This has been in use since 2012, when it was officially introduced in conjunction with the iPhone 5 smartphone. But that is expected to change soon, with the launch of the iPhone 15 smartphone.

Many experts are convinced that Apple should use the USB-C 2.1 interface to set up the iPhone 15 smartphone. The advantage of the new interface is mainly the power that the cable can provide to external devices. The maximum power is set to 240 watts, which is significantly more than the current solutions. Additionally, it allows data transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps (USB 4 Gen 3 x 2). We are sure that this will delight iPhone users.

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