In Slovenia we register annually about …

Some parts of Slovenia have recently had strong gunshot storms, and summer storms will continue to accompany us in the future.

The footage is often corrupted or completely damaged by modems, televisions, game consoles, and computers. In order to avoid this, Telekom Slovenije recommends all users that the simplest way to protect electronic devices from snapshots is to disconnect them from both communication networks and electrical networks in the event of a storm and before going on vacation.

In Slovenia, we record about 60 thousand shots per year. With warm days, the potential for stronger storms increases with shots, so shots can be up to six times higher in summer than in other months. It is therefore important that before a storm or on vacation, users unplug electronic devices from all sockets – whether they are classic power supply or from the communications network. Unplugging devices from the mains is the most reliable lightning protection, which also applies if overvoltage protection is used.

Free SMS notification with snapshot capability
It is available to users also subscribed to Telekom Slovenije mobile and fixed services Free lightning alarm service, based on a numerical system. It is a system developed by Milan Vidmar Institute of Electricity specifically for real-time imaging monitoring.

By activating the service, users receive an SMS that warns them in advance that a snapshot can be taken in the area where there is a stable connection, so that the devices can be disconnected from the network in time. They have signed up to receive free SMS alerts by sending an SMS to 041145000 with the keyword STRELA, saving space and stating their username for Telekom Slovenije fixed services. Example of an entry in an SMS: STRELA novakj.

More recommendations on how to deal with storms are available at

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