The Commodore Retro Commodore 64x will be…

We have all probably heard of the legendary Commodore 64 computer. It was introduced in 1982, but only a few years later it took the title of the best-selling machine in history. Commodore 64 can be considered the pioneer of personal computers, which were taken out of the market mainly at the expense of better operating system and graphics. The advanced computer of those times was purchased by almost 20 million users around the world. This is why this one is still popular today.

So it’s no surprise that computer enthusiasts have decided to offer to sell an old desktop computer again. They did this as part of a project on the Kickstarter launch portal. The Commodore 64x computer system is actually a modern computer system housed in a legendary computer case.

The novelty is available in three versions. The basic version of “Barebone” is available without accessories, but can also be used as a regular keyboard. The “Extreme” version is compatible with both Windows 11 and the open source Linux system. The most powerful version of “Ultimate” is playing computer games. The Commodore 64x computer system will be available in eight colors, so we’ll easily find the one that works best for us.

Although the authors of the Commodore 64x computer system demanded only about 29 thousand euros, they collected up to 105 thousand euros in a few days, with only 28 days left to finish. Up to €131 must be deducted for the purchase of the Barebone system, up to €441 for the Extreme model and up to €1060 for the Ultimate version. The new Commodore 64x won’t be available until the first half of next year.

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