The trick: no interfaces and third…

Unexpectedly, we came across a very simple and interesting trick, how in (rare?) cases we can get an additional discount on certain websites.

Quick little background. In the editorial office, we were looking for a platform to easily create award-winning games, which would also provide us with additional tools to connect with our readers. Understandably, the options are huge, in the end we chose the RafflePress web service, which integrates seamlessly with WordPress websites. But for advanced tools, you should be willing to pay a certain price.

The RafflePress website welcomes you from the start with a 50% “limited time” discount. Next to the coupon, there is a countdown timer that counts down the time until the end of the offer. This is a well-known strategy to attract new customers and we think most of you are aware that this offer is unlimited in time, regardless of the countdown timer.

This is not very important at the moment. It became interesting when we clicked on the list of licenses and chose the appropriate version of the software. The site, as we are used to, redirected us to a special window to complete the purchase. Since we wanted to see how the platform actually works before buying, we moved our mouse cursor to the home button. This is where the story begins.

Even before we could click the back button, a popup appeared that surprised us with an additional discount for the license we chose. As it turns out, RafflePress has a tracker built into the source code that automatically launches a campaign when a guest is in doubt and wants to go back to the cover page. We’ve heard about a similar strategy before, but so far we haven’t been lucky enough to try it out live.

Some websites provide you with a coupon for your next purchase after purchase as a loyalty token, there are also third party apps (Honey, Dosh, Ibotta, Rakuten…) that scan the web for coupons, prizes or additional benefits and automatically notify you if a better offer is available .

However, we believe the RafflePress method of selling is more effective and we don’t see any consumer disadvantages.

We are now interested in how many or which websites are using a similar strategy. We need your help. Share the news with your friends and let us know if you see something similar yourself.

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