A modern workplace that saves time,…

Many will remember 2020 after the Covid pandemic. We were faced with a situation where we had to devise new ways of working overnight. We can say that the pandemic has given impetus to digitization, not only for online shopping, but also for working from home.

Not many companies were willing to create such modern jobs. The staff also had some issues with this. But anyway, we have all faced this challenge and thus created modern jobs. We can say that we had to digitize. Many who did not use video communication tools, etc., began to use them en masse. Our office has become a computer and a smartphone.

Advantages and disadvantages of the modern workplace

Companies had to quickly adapt to the situation. The conquest of new technologies was crucial. Creating modern functions where employees can communicate and collaborate without interruption ensures the continuity of work procedures and has advantages and disadvantages:

  • Advantages Save time, fuel and money…
    Employees spend a lot of time driving to work. We usually drive in traffic where the fuel consumption is much higher. We can also be late due to crowding, and feel annoyed by crowding… When we work from home we can sleep longer, spend more time with family, etc., which has a positive effect on satisfaction. With rising fuel prices, the biggest savings are likely to be in fuel. We spend more in crowds. We are not exposed to harmful fumes when working from home. Businesses can save a little due to reduced mileage and business travel…
  • Weak points Less socialization…
    There are also downsides to working from home such as. Work disruptions, if you don’t have a private space to work, to the point that for example they cut the electricity in the morning due to maintenance work or there are problems with the internet connection. When working from home, it is also a good idea to set the working hours, because it quickly happens that someone asks for something from you outside of working hours. Working from home requires self-discipline and motivation. Lack of association with co-workers can lead to a loss of a sense of connection and belonging.

Many companies have adopted working from home during the pandemic. However, to reduce the negative effects, many apply a hybrid method of working that combines work from home and office work. We are different people, some work perfectly from home, others less, but a combination of these two may be most appropriate.

Tips for working from home

Technology allows companies to create a modern workplace to work from home. Such work requires tools that enable effective communication and cooperation between employees. It is essential to ensure secure access to data and everything else to operate.

  • Wake up every morning as if you were heading to the office (a little later because the transfer was canceled)
    Set a work schedule that you stick to as if you were in an office
  • You have space to work
    Decide on the space, your home office, where you will be doing the work.
  • set a table

    Stick to your schedule and schedule a time in advance for a break – a coffee, a little picnic, a little errand…

  • Set daily goals
    Specify for example today my goal is to connect…
  • Also, call your co-workers for a short chat
    Chat with colleagues…

Technology for working from home

Technology is advancing very quickly. It is difficult to monitor, display and implement everything that it offers. However, working from home can be successful, efficient and secure online if it has good technical conditions – tools for communication, collaboration, content sharing and cyber security – The number of cyber attacks increased by up to 300%, Of this, more than 50% target small and medium businesses.

Creating an efficient modern workplace can be left with all the necessary items for Crayon. We will help you use tools and all elements of the modern workplace productively. We believe technology can improve our lives as well as work from home.

Do you want to take full advantage of technology to create modern jobs in your company as well?

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