How to plan business expenses…

Consumer prices in Slovenia are rising. Inflation is rising and bringing uncertainty to the market.

The most you can do at work is plan costs and contain unexpected events. How? So he set out to review office running costs and decided to rent a flat rate printer.

By renting a printer, the company does not incur any cost in purchasing the printer, purchasing consumables, and maintaining it.

Plan your printing costs today, because they are fixed

The rental company relieves the burden of buying a private printer, the cost of purchasing consumables, maintenance and repairs. Leasing is a transparent solution with no hidden costs. The price for renting the printers is fixed and includes everything for worry-free printing, copying and scanning.

Because the rental includes consumables, employees no longer have to deal with shopping for them.

Concern for the environment and social responsibility

In the event that you have a special printer, inks and cartridges represent a high cost. After use, companies do not realize the importance of recycling, because cartridges are waste. Most inks and cartridges end up in the trash and then in landfills, where they take at least 400 years to decompose. The solution is in recycling. By renting a printer, the company absolves itself of responsibility for the environment. The rental provider already owns a recycling operation and takes full responsibility for waste management.

Inkjet technology and the world of eco-friendly color printing

Continuous inkjet technology provides an environmentally friendly solution for printing everyday items such as contracts, school assignments, invoices… Its advantage is the achievement of sustainable development goals, as it does not leave out a single set of cartridges in the process of use. It represents a new standard for eco-color printing based on material recycling and is part of the circular economy. It is an advanced storage system that allows printers to continually supply ink without changing cartridges. The innovation has equated the price of black and white printing with color printing, which means that by using it, the company prints in color, while caring for the environment.

All-inclusive rental offers peace of mind and convenience

Comprehensive printer rental includes in the package consulting, in-house printing cost optimization, printer installation and connection, printer use and maintenance. Companies print in color at the price of black and white prints. One of the biggest advantages is the remote and on-site service support. If the printer does not work, the device is replaced. The company now no longer has to worry about parts ordering, time delays and unexpected costs.

Responsive and comprehensive technical support

Support is organized in the field and remotely. Call center experts are available during business hours and solve most program challenges on the spot. Should mechanical failures occur, teams of experienced field service technicians work to solve minor technical complications on the same day.

Optiprint is a Slovenian company that offers Comprehensive rental agreement Color printers and multifunction devices throughout Slovenia and the wider Adria region. They have developed an innovation in the company Endless color cartridgesIt is a reliable and sustainable solution for printing, copying and scanning. The Infinite Color Cartridge is Optiprint’s eco-friendly solution that relies on a continuous supply of ink. No single set of cartridges is discarded in Optiprint throughout its life.

Optiprint offers a reliable and sustainable solution to printing at a fixed price, even in the most unexpected times. The Optiprint lease provides an effective overview of the company’s printing costs, as the lease rate is fixed and does not change despite the unpredictable market condition. You can find more in (Public relations)

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