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In a recent partnership with Netflix, Samsung is celebrating the premiere of Season 4 of the Stranger Things series with Nightography on the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung Electronics presents a short film called “Make STRANGER Nights Epic”, which highlights the advanced features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s night photography camera and at the same time pays tribute to the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. The video is part of an ongoing collaboration between Samsung and Netflix and is already available to view on Samsung’s social channels. It just saw the light of day as the fourth season of the Stranger Things series began streaming on the content monitoring platform.

In the short film, the theme inspired by the Stranger Things series is a suitable backdrop to showcase the night photography capabilities of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In Stranger Things Season 4, night opens the door to an extraordinary world – the S22 Ultra is used to recreate this special style and tell the story of a movie that shows how Galaxy technology has the power to capture what would otherwise remain unseen in the dark.

How to make an epic night

In Make STRANGER Nights Epic, a girl puts her Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in her back pocket while riding a bike and drives to a friend’s house to see Stranger Things 4. On the way, she inadvertently turns on a video camera that captures what’s hidden behind her in The Upside Down . All portrait scenes were taken with the phone with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.[1]

The short film also takes full advantage of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s powerful night camera features, which includes a 108MP main camera and a huge 2.4μm pixel sensor powered by advanced artificial intelligence. This allows you to capture more light and data for sharper and clearer videos, day and night.

Create a galaxy of exceptional content

Samsung and Netflix have a longstanding partnership and have already engaged in tailored campaigns involving many popular chains of content transfer platforms. In January, they launched an integrated campaign to help launch the second season of the Emily and Paris series, including allowing fans to “reverse text” to become the main character on their own animated poster via the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

Samsung and Netflix also teamed up on the short Bridgerton to reveal the Galaxy S22 series at an Unpacked event in February. In a three-minute infographic, the creators try to get the attention of Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton. Inventor Lord Tristar succeeded when he presented his optical creation – massive new classic images for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which will be ready in 209 years.

Samsung and Netflix will continue to work together to create compelling, high-quality content that people love.

Following the release of Stranger Things 4 Part 1 in May, Samsung’s debut Make Make STRANGER Nights Epic came a day after Netflix released the official trailer for Part 2, which will be released on July 1. To watch the short film Make STRANGER Nights Epic, visit the Samsung YouTube channel.

[1] Recorded with Galaxy S22 Ultra. The quality of the captured images may vary depending on the environmental conditions. Back pocket recording The Stranger Things creatures were added in post-production for illustration purposes.

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