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Heating is one of the biggest consumers in our homes. In the current energy crisis, an inefficient and inadequate heating system can hurt your wallet. If you have been thinking about an upgrade or a complete renovation for a long time, it may be time to focus on a more modern solution that is also environmentally friendly – infrared heating, infrared heating or infrared panel heating.

Now you know where to start, but you still need to be careful when choosing, since infrared panels can differ significantly from each other. Before we reveal to you the secret of how you can reduce the cost of infrared heating in a very easy way, let us first look at some facts about infrared heating.

Infrared heating – an effective and natural way to keep warm

Infrared panels use electricity to generate heat. How is it different from classic electric heating systems such as electric radiators or electric heaters? Infrared panels convert nearly 100% of electricity into heat, so they are more energy efficient and require less time for the same heat output or better.

Infrared heating is a radiant form of heat that does not heat the air in a room, but emits an invisible electromagnetic wave of energy. This is rented to everything nearby, such as furniture, walls, floors, and even people. Objects absorb heat and gradually release it into the room’s atmosphere. The difference in the method of heating can be observed immediately upon entering the room. With conventional convection heating, hot, heavy air will “hit” you as you enter, while infrared panel heating is similar to the natural heat of sunlight, without UV light.

What about installation and maintenance? If we compare infrared panels with other heating methods, the investment is adequate, but they also take up very little space. Compared with the central heating system, they do not need additional pipes, a chimney, a boiler room and the like. Also in the long run, infrared heating is a winning option, mainly due to lower installation costs and virtually no maintenance. Infrared panels feel right at home on any wall or ceiling, and you just need to plug them into a nearby outlet to work. Infrared heating panels or infrared panels can also have a long service life and a 15-year warranty.

Infrared panels have a 15-year warranty and can be delivered to any room.

In the long list of benefits, it is worth highlighting the positive effect of this type of heating on health. Infrared heating panels do not create air and dust circulation, which will especially please individuals with allergy problems. With infrared heating, the moisture level does not change – no more condensation and mold. Infrared heating can improve blood circulation and normalize blood pressure, so infrared panels are often heated in spas and hospitals.

The main benefits are now known to you. But the question arises, which provider to choose and what is the secret to paying an additional 25% bill for infrared heating? There are many suppliers in the market, and only one, in addition to developing its own IR panels of the highest quality, provides a solution to further reduce heating cost with IR panels.

How to get up to 25% less electricity consumption for infrared panel heating?

The secret lies with Ekosen and the entire Slovenian company, which received international recognition at the MOS 2018 exhibition for innovative technology. They have developed an advanced and innovative IR SUN WiFi Controller, which greatly increases the comfort of infrared heating and ensures that you do not feel the focus of infrared heat after entering the room, as is usual from other regulations in the market.

As the year 2022 is writing and we are expecting more and more current technology, the design of the IR SUN WiFi Controller is suitable for the technological period we are in. This means the independence in detecting changes in the temperature in the room and the automatic adjustment of the thermal power of the infrared heating panels to maintain the optimum set temperature.

However, consumers also demand a simple user experience. The temperature can be controlled on the Ekosen Control Panel or via the dedicated IR Sun app, available on both Android and iOS devices.

Connect the eco-friendly IR SUN WiFi Controller to the IR Sun App

With the IR Sun app, you have complete control of your home’s infrared heating at your fingertips. Insight occurs in real time. Before returning home after a busy day, you can check in advance if there are warm rooms to greet you. If you are not satisfied, you can set the infrared panels to the desired temperature with a single click. You can turn on the individual heating elements only to control the room temperature or adjust the general settings of the entire infrared heating system.

You can also change the heating mode (Eco, Comfort, Schedule), monitor the weather and share access to other users. However, since you certainly do not want every user to have access to the entire infrared heating system, you can assign certain rights to each profile. This will allow your partner to have access to the entire infrared heating system, and your close friend, who you know might “abuse” quick access for a prank, will restrict your rights to a guest room, for example.

Perhaps most important at this time is that the IR Sun app gives you complete control over the energy consumption of infrared heating. You can monitor the electricity consumption for each individual control unit or for the entire heating system. You can compare energy consumption for different periods, which allows you to accurately plan infrared heating expenses throughout the year.

If you are convinced of the benefits of infrared heating or already have an existing infrared heating system and want to reduce electricity consumption even more, stop by the Eco salon in Koper, Mengeš or Miklavž na Dravskem polje, visit their website ekosen.si for more information. information or write to [email protected] and arrange a visit to your home.

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