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Business digitization requires much more than just digitizing business documents. Therefore, this powerful and advanced document and business information management system is the ideal companion for your company’s digital future.

Today, digitizing business documents alone is not enough, because we need an intelligent information management system that solves challenges such as remote access to documents, automation of work processes, validation of invoices, document signing and granting or restricting access to individual users. This is made possible by M files.

With its help, you will always know where a particular document is and with whom. You will gain insight into bottlenecks and take full advantage of the audit trail for tracking and compliance purposes.

Don’t waste time

Most organizations store and manage content in folders that are organized differently. As a result, 46% of office workers said that finding the documents they need is difficult and time-consuming.

M files excel at organizing documents by content type and location, even if the content is stored on a third-party system like SharePoint, Dropbox, network folders, or other document management systems. You will always be able to find the right content with keywords.

Checks, approvals and signatures

A large number of companies face challenges in reviewing and approving documents. Review and approval procedures are often manual and slow down processes. The M-Files document system provides your company with an electronic work process and an electronic signature. Signing documents is an essential process in business operations. Although nearly all documents are digitally created, edited, and transmitted digitally, they are often printed, signed, and eventually scanned. If the signer is not physically present, the procedures may be delayed for several days.

The solution is an electronic signature, ideally integrated into a document system, such as M-Files, where the signer can sign all documents with one click, no matter where they are and when they sign. Also with a smartphone in the passenger seat of the car.

Organized and safe

Did you know that, on average, a document is copied 19 times during its lifecycle? This makes it difficult to find and maintain the latest version, which increases the chances of errors. In M-Files, there is only one version of each document, it is always updated, and at the same time M-Files keeps a complete record of changes made to the document with the possibility of recovery. M files also allow employees to share content with co-workers and business partners in an easy and secure way.


• Leaderboards: M-files have one of the most powerful methods of linking different platforms and apps on the market. It brings together a large number of external data sources, including SharePoint, file systems, cloud repositories, ERP and CRM systems. At the same time, it allows full integration with Microsoft 365. This means that M files are available in applications such as Outlook and Teams, as well as in editing applications, for example Word, Excel, Power Point and others.

• Content-rich intelligence: M-Files has integrated artificial intelligence into the content entry process. With its help, metadata can be mapped based on recommendations or fully automated based on trust levels. This allows companies to take the burden of sorting metadata out manually.

• Content Services Applications: M-Files offers a wide range of solutions, including turnkey applications for contract management, employee records, quality control, and financial and legal advisory services. However, at Konica Minolta, M files are always tailored to your actual business needs.

All in one and printers stay

Multifunction devices or multifunction printers that print and scan and are equipped with advanced software are also essential for digital business. Paper still comes into offices and it still leaves the office. That would be a good time. There is no digital business without document scanning (old and new), but that’s where MFPs come into play. In parallel with all of the above, centralized control of devices is also important for digital business, because this is the only way in which all operations can run smoothly.

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