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With digitization, ordering printing services has become easier and more customer friendly. However, some providers go further and offer future user experience.

Printing is always relevant, especially when it comes to printing on T-shirts, business cards, posters, promotional materials and the like. However, we may not know enough about this field and not even know what the press is still capable of. Printing houses are especially attractive, which, in addition to adapting to their customers and developing comprehensive solutions to specific requirements and challenges, can also boast something special and rich experience.

Data com. , Doo, is an ideal partner if you are considering new business cards, posters, or if you want to print brochures, promotional materials, fair graphics printing, protective barriers, apparel… It’s best July 2022, and it’s just around the corner Minimum, their website has been redesigned and has new features that will take the user experience a step further. In their Online Print House, you will be able to design a poster, business card, T-shirt or any of the products they offer with the help of a web editor.

XXL printed material, vinyl paper

Even if you want to print an XXL printed material, such as a jumbo poster, canvas, poster or banner on tarpaulin in unlimited size, DATA Com is the right address for your desires. They even make huge posters from one piece onwards, so if you need a printing service, as well as if you have unusual desires, squeeze them out of the wrap.

Their list also includes self-adhesive foil – white and “one-way vision”, sand or walking and ground chips. They even print on dibond plates (ALU), forex plates (PVC), cover plates or plexiglass.

Their services are so diverse that we can list the show in place of this article, but since this is not our intention, it would be better to visit the website.

Innovative solutions in visual communication

Today, we need to be innovative to be competitive, and at DATA Com, innovation is written in our DNA. In addition to all of the above, they also deal with CNC cutters, so they can cut or cut materials such as plexiglass, forks, wood, industrial ABS, modular foam… They also take care of the computer setup themselves.

Specialists in the cliché industry

They are true specialists in making dry offset cliches. They were the first in Slovenia to acquire innovative knowledge and technology Kodak Flexel NX To produce high quality flexographic printing plates.

In 2021, water-based flexo plates were added to the range of flexo printing plates, which are more environmentally friendly and provide the best results at competitive prices.

The more we delve into the DATA Com offering, the more we find that they can really flaunt completeness and exclusivity. Their basic principles are to make a quality product, make that product on time and maintain customer satisfaction. But the latter is the result of the first two only, and both sides confirm that.

Among satisfied customers, they can confidently boast Supernova, Mercator, Žito, Lisca, Volvo …

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