Ricoh is among the 100 best innovators of the year…

The digital workplace puts companies ahead with flexibility and competitiveness.

Clarivate is the world’s leading provider of trusted insights and analytics to drive innovation. with a renewed approach Top 100 Global Innovators They have moved to a new model of Excellence Account that focuses on supra-standard consistency and scope for innovation, with all ideas competing on an equal footing. They provide innovators with data, background information and in-depth expertise in all areas. RICOH (* Clarivate 2022) is once again responsible for some of the innovations that changed the market in 2022.

Ricoh business users especially value the consistency of innovation they bring to their users, that is, innovation will bring simplified business processes, security, business growth and competitiveness with new technology, whether we are talking about MFPs, interactive whiteboards, document management…

To this day, Rico has kept all his promises. Perhaps in the Slovenian market, it is fairly well known in the field of printing infrastructure with Ricoh MFPs and print management solutions, and it is known worldwide for its many solutions, such as. Smart lockers, work-at-home solutions, integrated workplace management systems, and more.

User needs and expectations for a company’s printing infrastructure are also growing

RICOH’s rich range of MFPs with modern “accessories” puts the device only at the fore and is identified as an important link in the co-creation of streamlined business processes, which are becoming more and more desirable today. Connecting to the well-known Office 365 and OneDrive is very common today.

With RICOH MFPs, innovation also allows you to quickly access the latest versions of applications, meaning you’ll always have a device in company with the latest software and features to offer. RICOH Smart Integration applications are available for a range of RICOH products and a range of smart devices.

In addition to professional experience, safety comes first

RICOH devices are designed and manufactured with safety as a primary requirement. Safety is everywhere at RICOH throughout the life cycle of any product or solution. Ricoh is committed to consistently working for the benefit of its customers and providing them with support and solutions to potential security threats.

Security issues with MFPs are often overlooked or absent. The company can pay a heavy price in case of negligence, as this puts the security of commercial documents, even confidential ones, at risk. In companies, we constantly create, scan, archive, store, process and digitally new documents in various document systems. Thus, confidential documents are constantly in unauthorized hands. This is why RICOH makes sure that documents processed by electronic devices are secure and that only authorized persons can see or manage them. At the same time, this should not hinder the usability of RICOH products or even the productivity of the employees who use them.

A wide range of their products are ISO/IEC 15408 certified, and their safety functions are verified by independent laboratories that determine compliance with the most stringent standards. RICOH strives to make customers understand the importance of security as well as educate users about the correct use of security settings for MFPs.

For more information, please contact the official representative of the Ricoh brand, Vibor doo (PR)


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