Fuchsia OS is also interesting for …

The Google Nest Hub smart speaker has long been the first device to install the first version of Google’s Google Fuchsia operating system. Google Nest Hub is a very useful product. This is a smart speaker on one side and a smart display on the other. This means that it can show us the weather, calendar, transit lines, favorite photos or video you want on YouTube. In addition, we can ask any question to the Google digital assistant.

Since the Google Fuchsia system on the Nest Hub smart speaker has been getting a lot of attention, it recently came to the Google Nest Hub Max smart display. The new OS works great in practice. The graphic interface, including screen image, animation, access mode and response is at a completely satisfactory level. The new Google Fuchsia operating system for the Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display was built from scratch. This means that it is perfectly adapted to the operation of the versatile Google device.

The fact that Google has serious intentions with Fuchsia OS is shown by the fact that it has been available to external programmers for a long time. The main purpose of “unlocking” the new system is, of course, accelerating the development of innovations. As it turns out, Google is in a hurry in this area. The novelty is supposed to be suitable for a rich set of devices, as it puts security, the ability to make quick upgrades, and of course fast operation on less powerful devices in the first place. In addition, Fuchsia OS can run alongside both classic x86 and ARM processors.

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