FabWeaver A530: Industrial 3D FFF…

This month, a new industrial 3D printer was launched, the fabWeaver A530, which works on the Filament Remelting (FFF) principle.

The printer is designed to be highly reliable, accurate, and easy to use. In addition to the heated substrate, the exceptional quality of the 3D-printed products is ensured by the heated chamber, which allows room temperature to reach 75°C, preventing the product from bending due to temperature differences. Closed-loop control of stepper motors for all axes ensures reliable operation, preventing errors during printing. The printer also has a feature that allows you to resume 3D printing if power is temporarily lost, thus preventing the loss of several parts of the 3D printer.

Large working area and easy operation

It has a large working area as it allows the production of 310 x 310 x 310 mm products. The printing speed of 200 mm/sec allows the user to quickly access the desired 3D physical model.

The 7-inch touch screen is easy to operate and maintain, all menus are graphically arranged, so we can quickly gain the knowledge to operate a 3D printer. You can easily learn how to use it in a day, even if you have never been in contact with a 3D printer before. The included software Weaver3 Studio and Weaver3 Cloud enable a seamless workflow anywhere, facilitating remote control and remote preparation for 3D model printing.

Weaver3 Studio includes a converter from solid CAD models to STL models for direct production of 3D-printed CAD models. On the other hand, Weaver3 Cloud allows you to easily and simply manage your 3D printing jobs from almost anywhere.

Adapts to ABS, ASA and PLA

The 3D printer allows printing of various materials, and above all it is adapted to ABS, ASA and PLA. FabWeaver offers its filament, supplied with a chip that tells the printer what and how much material is on the spool. The printer also supports the use of third-party filaments. Together with the printer, you can order the SmartStation automatic filament feeder, which enables continuous 3D printing on the A530. SartStation™ ensures maximum productivity. The system accepts a maximum of 4 reels. When the filament on one spool runs out, the print resume system automatically starts using material from the other spool.

Also suitable for small businesses

3D printing in businesses enables rapid confirmation of concept (POC), confirmation of a model or design and also the production of finished products. We can have the prototype on hand within a few hours, making it easier to evaluate and improve.

The A530 3D printer is suitable for any office environment, and enables industrial level prototyping and finished products. Despite the exceptional features of an industrial 3D printer, it is available at an affordable price, so it is also suitable for small businesses.

For more information, contact your authorized representative in Slovenia, Solid World doo company from Radomelj.

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